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El Mercado

El Burrito Meat



Fresh butcher shop that serves authentic mexican cut & seasoned meats such as carne al pastor, fajitas, chicken adobado, thin beef for carne asada, and much more!

El Burrito Grocery



Variety of Mexican and Latino grocery products frozen, dry, and shelf stable labels of grcoeries such as Goya, La Costena, and many other national/international brand foods!

El Burrito Produce



Fresh produce section provide a variety fresh produce sourced from local distributors, chayote, yuca, yautia, platano, avocados, peppers, and many other produce items.

El Burrito Produce



Mrs. Silva still is the one that personally continues to travel to MExico to work with artisans that provide her every year with new art as well as classics. Seasonal items such as Dia de los Muertos, Cinco de Mayo, and Christmas are the best selection in Midwest!

El Burrito Produce

Hot Deli


We serve fresh hot carnitas (deep fried pork), chales, chicharron, tacos dorados, and roasted chicken.

El Burrito Produce

Cold Deli


The first and only of it's kind in Minnesota! A full service deli with more than a dozen scratch made salsas, salads and plenty of other Mexican foods to heat and eat! In additon, the Grab n Go deli is stocked with authentic foods like tamales, guisados, rice, beans, and other delicious foods to reheat or ready to cook!

El Burrito Produce



Fresh bakery & pastry items made in house, traditional sweet bread and desserts like conchas, empanadas to tres leches, flan, and gelatina de leche (milk based jello).